While many venues have an in-house sound system and provide: microphones (hand-held, wireless, lavalieres), screens and projectors; they do not have an on-site 24/7 audio visual team. During the planning process, it is important to educate the sales team on all aspects of your event and the necessary components to make it a success. The type of event being organized defines the audio visual (A/V) requirements:
• Wedding ceremony – a microphone for the officiant
• Bat Mitzvah – showcasing a video montage with sound
• All-day Corporate Conference – sound required for the moderator, speaker panel and Power Point presentation for a large audience.

There is nothing worse than poor sound quality regardless of the event. While adding a professional audio visual company can be a costly expense, it is necessary to consider building that cost into your event to ensure its success.

Event managers executing an event are focused on the details of the food and beverage service as well as keeping to a timeline. They do not have the time to adjust microphone volumes for different speakers and possibly do not have the knowledge and skillset to adjust the controls on the sound board to correct for room acoustics and noise flaws like dishes and silverware clanging. Expecting your event manager to do their tasks and monitor the A/V system may put your event at a disadvantage.

Every event has a budget and trying to cut costs in the area of sound production can be a huge mistake. Over the years, I seen many A/V situations occur that could have been avoided if a professional were at the helm. In one case, a simple graduation ceremony turned out poorly because the disappointed parents (and guests) could not hear the emcee at the podium announcing their daughter’s name as she received her diploma. Many become shy when they get in front of the microphone and an experienced sound technician knows the tricks of the trade to adjust for such cases. A food and beverage manager, while talented, simply does not.

Now take this same scenario and apply it to your important event…”Can you hear me now?”

Ann Marie Mathews, General Manager
Silver Garden Events Center